Announcement to help Shantimaya Dong Tamang

When you see a beautiful dream to have happy and healthy family, even for simple living. The important think you should have is money. In Nepal today it's not so easy to survive due high price of general  groceries. It's difficult to find job with enough salary. But whatever is the situation we need to struggle for existence.

So lot of Nepalese citizens fly abroad to work to support their family and better life. But it becomes painful and more difficult when workers become sick or disabled in foreign country. There are several incident of death of Nepalese workers in gulf countries, Qatar, Malaysia and other countries.

Six years ago Shantimaya Dong Tamang went to Kuwait to work as an illegal domestic worker, falling for brokers’ tales of how she could earn good money and stand on her own feet.
Shantimaya Dong Tamang's bid to earn money as a domestic worker in Kuwait ended with her becoming a quadriplegic.The 23-year-old returned home  on a stretcher. She had become paralyzed from a fall within the first year of her arrival in Kuwait City.According to officials of the Nepalese embassy in Kuwait ,she was found in a hospital, unable to speak or move,” says a dazed Tej Bahadur Tamang, Shantimaya’s father, a landless agricultural laborer from Makwanpur.

“She had fallen from the fifth floor of her employer’s house. No one knows how it happened. Did she try to escape? Was she thrown down? My daughter alone knows but she can’t speak.”
Shantimaya was in a cocoon of blankets in Kathmandu valley’s Patan Hospital, not talking, moving or seeing anything. She has to be fed through a pipe and her diaper has to be changed regularly.

For almost five years Shantimaya lay in Kuwait’s Farwaniya Hospital till embassy officials and the network of Nepalese migrant workers managed to identify her and trace her family in Nepal. Currently Shantimaya is struggling with life in her home in Makawanpur district of Nepal.

On coming Friday, 11 January 2013 in Beit Barbor Hall 9 Hahagana 135) in Telaviv, Israel International Nepalese Artist Society, Israel and combine have organized a cultural program naming," New Year Blast 2013" to give financial support to Shantimaya Tamang. This step should be appreciated by everyone and must support being a Nepali and human being.   

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