New Year Blast 2013 in Israel for Shantimaya Dong Tamang

It's not first time in Israel going to be happen. There are several examples in Israel among Nepalese community when someone need financial help for major treatment Nepalese in Israel are united to support. Sometime donation is collected requesting personally or through Facebook groups and websites but every time response is great and able to collect big amount to support victims.

This time also a Nepalese lady Shantimaya Dong Tamang is disabled and needs financial support. Once again the time has come to prove that Nepalese in Israel can be united to support this girl who really need a moral and financial support. This year will start for Nepalese in Israel by participating in New Year Blast 2013, which will be blast of music, blast of dance, blast of presentation of artists from Nepal and local artists. There will be special blast from everyone to support Shantimaya Dong Tamang.

This program is organised by International Nepalese Artists Society, Israel and with support of local medias,,, and This program is really going to be memorable and historical. Hope to see you all there for strong reason this year. 

By Arjun Jaisawal

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